The spring 2019 application is now open!

Click on the Rugby to Apply to WASB!


Where can I find the application?

We post our new member application at the end of every semester. In the Fall, this means November. For Spring, check in throughout April. Once the application goes live (you will almost definitely receive an email from us, alerting the public), a link to our application page will be included at the bottom of any of our emails. Additionally, the link to the application will be posted on our website (you’re here now).

When should I submit my application?

As soon as possible! This semester the application closes on April 20th at 11:59PM — what are you waiting for?


I have applied to WASB in the past and didn’t get selected -- can I apply again?

Absolutely! We understand that our application process is competitive, and we highly encourage applicants to try again if they aren’t brought on in a particular semester.


How competitive is the application process?

Each semester we receive between 150 and 180 applications. This number is condensed down to approximately 50 candidates invited for interviews. The number of new members each semester varies based on our current numbers, so there may be a chance we could conduct a second group interview to select from especially competitive groups of applicants.


My friend is on WASB - can they use their influence to help me get on the org?

While networking is super neat, this is not the place for it. Our application process involves blind application reading, random assignment, and a scoring system that leaves little room for members to unfairly push a friend’s application higher on our list. We stand for integrity in our organization and we extend that standard to our applicants as well.


I have a specific question because I am a unique human with a special circumstance and I couldn’t possibly get all the information I need from this FAQ. Who can I talk to with my additional questions?

Lucky for you, there are 65 WASB members who are eager to get to know the unique you! We host information sessions twice per semester where we explain who we are, what we do, and how you can apply to join the Wisconsin Alumni Student Board, as well as answering any further questions. Aside from our information sessions, feel free to introduce yourself at any of our events -- we typically have a table set out specifically for people who want to learn more about us. Lastly, you can send an email to me (Jack, President of WASB and voice behind the computer screen) with any questions/comments/concerns:


How can I make my application stand out?

When grading applications, we look for a few key components: personality, creativity, and quality. Personality - we want to know who YOU are. Review each question and ensure that your response to every one of them tells us something about who the real you is. Creativity - we are looking for individuals who think without constraints. We read hundreds of applications but we remember the ones that approach responses differently. Quality - first off, proofread. Second, proofread again. Additionally, do your research. This could include coming to our events throughout the semester, checking our Facebook page, or reading through our website and FAQ’s (you’re doing great so far!).


Does WASB plan Homecoming Week?

No. Wisconsin Homecoming Committee plans Homecoming Week. If this is something you’re interested, you should definitely apply to their organization (Homecoming is our sister organization and we love them dearly).


Should I come to WASB events?

Uh-huh, honey. But seriously, you should come, and we’re not just saying that for our benefit. It is beneficial for potential applicants to come to our events throughout the year to get a better sense of what WASB does, and to see how you might imagine yourself contributing to our organization. Having this insight about our org can make your application shine (read: “How can I make my application stand out?”).


What happens at the WASB information sessions? Do I have to attend in order to be considered for membership?

Attendance at our info sessions is in no way a requirement. Our information sessions serve for one purpose: to offer information. That means our facilitators are not going to judge you or tell everyone on WASB about the dumb question you asked.


What is involved in the application process?

Step one: Write answers to our application questions. Step two: Record a short video of yourself answering our video prompt. Step Three: Wait to be invited for an interview. Step Four: Interview with our Executive team and knock our socks off.


What is the time commitment like if I am invited to join?

WASB requires a relatively high level of commitment. All members are required to attend weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 7:30pm, and everyone is responsible for planning an event each semester (don’t let this part scare you away - we’ll give you the tools you need to flourish). Additionally, members must attend WASB events throughout the semester, as well as social justice workshops and all-WASB retreats. The time commitment is demanding, but the experience is rewarding.


Is WASB on social media?

Omg yes we are, and Following our online profiles will give you a glimpse into the lifestyle of WASB. Plus we’re team #follow4follow

Instagram: @gowasb


Twitter: @W_A_S_B

Snapchat: @gowasb