John W. Jung
Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created in honor of John W. Jung, class of 2001. John was a member of WASB and helped lead the team that began All-Campus Party. Despite his dynamic leadership, ability to excel in and outside of school, and his commitment to serving others, John struggled with an ongoing battle against substance abuse and addiction. This memorial scholarship recognizes students who follow in John’s footsteps of leadership, excellence and service, while raising awareness about the challenges of addiction. Recipient will be recognized at Lake St. Bash on Friday, April 28th, 2017.


$2000 toward 2017 Fall Tuition


Freshmen Only

2016 Recipient: Abhay venkatesh

Abhay Venkatesh hails from a small town in the Indian state of Gujarat called Ahmedabad. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and believes in serving the community. During his very first year of college, due to his innate drive and motivation, he joined two entrepreneurship clubs and took on early leadership roles. Through his involvement with Enactus, he was able to identify social problems in the Madison Community and is currently involved with 5 projects in solving them. As an Exec member of Transcend, he helped organize the Transcend Madison Innovation competition and continues to help expand the horizons of the entrepreneurial community of UW-Madison.