All-Campus Party Week


ACP is the nation’s largest cost-free and alcohol-alternative campus celebration, and it is created for students by students. Through our 7 headlining events (Bucky’s Urban Odyssey, Breakfast with Bucky, Red Talk, Badgers Chalk the Block, All-Campus Day of Service, Mad City Spotlight and Lake Street Bash), All-Campus Party celebrates the end of the school year, onset of spring and the enthusiasm of the campus community.

With the eclectic selection of events, there is something for everyone to enjoy during All-Campus Party.  Whether it is starting off your week with free bagels on Bascom Hill or jamming out to the local Madison music scene at Mad City Spotlight, you are bound to have a great time.  Plus, you can’t go wrong when everything is free!


What Is WASB?

Wisconsin Alumni Student Board (WASB) is a student organization directly associated with the Wisconsin Alumni Association. We are comprised of 65 enthusiastic students dedicated to fulfilling our mission of “linking students past, present and future.”

We represent and celebrate the University of Wisconsin through a wide variety of programs, including Dinners On Wisconsin!, All-Campus Party, and many others.

WASB members are engaged with distinguished alumni, prospective students, university officials, and, most importantly, our fellow students.

Interested in being our newest member? Click here to apply!